Of highest renown

Charcoal production since 1896

proFagus is still the only manufacturer of beechwood barbecue charcoal in Germany.
The charcoaling of wood in Bodenfelde, near Göttingen, in the beautiful idyllic Weser mountains region, has a tradition of more than 120 years.

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The enterprise already began to make a name for itself when it was still part of “Degussa”. Today, proFagus is the unchallenged market leader in the production of high quality, environmentally friendly barbecue charcoal. Moreover the factory in Bodenfelde is one of the most modern of its kind across Europe.

The name of the company reflects the natural material that it uses: the domestic beech tree. In Latin: Fagus.

Beechwood is used to produce the following top quality products in our two product ranges:

Beechwood barbecue charcoal and starters   Natural Additives   Competence in Charcoal

Data & facts

  • 160 employees
  • 180,000 qm production area
  • Charcoaling of up to 100,000 t beechwood per year with the environmentally friendly alembic process


Company history



  • Company founded as “Chemische Fabrik Bodenfelde G. Ottmann & Co“


  • Production began with 35 employees
  • Start of the production of charcoal products and natural additives


  • Transition from “Chemische Fabrik Bodenfelde G. Ottmann & Co“ to HIAG (Holzverkohlungsindustrie AG)


  • Degussa AG takes over HIAG


  • Degussa implements the unique “Reichert production process”, which until today sets the highest standards for charcoal products
  • Construction of the factory in Bodenfelde


  • Introduction of the brand DER SOMMER-HIT
  • Calgon Carbon Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA, USA takes over the production site in Bodenfelde


  • proFagus GmbH offcially gets its now well-known name which it bears with pride and with respect for nature
  • a group of private investors ant the management take over proFagus


  • The first summer grill show tours in Germany


  • Foundation of the Grill Country distribution company


  • proFagus beechwood barbecue charcoal and beechwood barbecue briquettes are given the rating “very good” by the “Öko-Test” consumer magazine


  • New investment management for Bodenfelde: Steadfast Capital and private investors take the reins for proFagus GmbH


  • proFagus successfully proves its environmentally friendly and sustainable use of the natural resource wood, and is thus awarded the PEFC certification


  • The ongoing commitment to sustainability is still – even after nearly 120 years of existence – an essential part of producing our high-quality barbecue charcoal

Certified quality



In September 2012, we were awarded the PEFC Certification, which is proof that we use wood from sustainable sources in an environmentally friendly way.
This means, for example:

  • No more wood is chopped down, than can grow back again.
  • Where trees are felled, the area is reforested.
  • The forest remains a natural habitat for flora and fauna.
  • The legal origin of the wood.

For the products with this seal, it means that the entire process from the raw material to the end product is certified and controlled by independent experts.

Tüv Berlin

Barbecue charcoal and barbecue briquettes are produced by heating air-dried wood. The charcoaling of wood can take place in well monitored iron retort furnaces, as is the case with proFagus. The processing techniques and the raw materials used determine the resulting quality of the goods and the amounts of flying sparks and ashes. Our charcoal products meet the highest quality standards and have been awarded the TÜV Quality Certificate, and they are regularly checked by the TÜV Produkt und Umwelt GmbH.

DIN plus

The designation “DIN plus” differentiates from the normal standard “DIN tested”, since the former attests quality features above and beyond the standard specifications. The designation “DIN plus” combines the worldwide known DIN mark with the “plus” of the product itself. In the case of proFagus products, the “plus” attests the extremely low ash content and the exceptionally high carbon content.


The manufacturing process of our beechwood barbecue charcoal briquettes has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification by the Bureau Veritas. This covers the alembic production of charcoal, acetic acids, pyrolysis fluids and tars, aromas and mixed extracts, the entire charcoaling process, the dispatch of the products, and the design and development of new packagings and products.

DIN EN ISO 50001

The unique manufacturing process allow us to produce more than 80% of our energy demand under use of the by-products from the pyrolysis of beech wood. Therefore in the beginning of 2016, we started the implementation of an energy management system with the scope of systematic and continuous improvement of our energy relevant performance. This has been certified by the Bureau Veritas according DIN EN ISO 50001:2011 in November 2016 and covers the alembic production of charcoal, acetic acids, pyrolysis fluids and tars, aromas and mixed extracts, the entire charcoaling process, the dispatch of the products, and the design and development of new packagings and products.

Kosher KOF-K

The Kosher KOK-K symbol is a registered trademark. It is the exclusive property of the international KOF-K Organisation. It stands for high-grade, proven kosher quality. Only products and services that match up to these standards obtain the permission to bear the trademark KOF-K. The KOF-K Organisation is run by experts from various fields relating to kosher food production. This worldwide organisation is represented by regional, solely orthodox rabbis. The Jewish orthodox rabbis that represent KOF-K live in Jewish communities in North America, Europe, Israel, Mexico and Canada. They pay regular visits to the kosher food suppliers. Every aspect relating to products and services with the KOF-K symbol is carefully monitored by kosher experts.

Halal Zertifikat

About the Islamic Information Documentation and Certification GmbH:
The Islamic Information Documentation and Certification GmbH (IIDC) is the only supplier in Austria, Germany and Hungary, who fulfils the strict requirements for halal-certification. This has also been certified by the Republic of Austria’s public authority, who issued us a business licence for consultancy and quality management for halal-certification.
Our certifications are offered Europe-wide and cover goods and services that require a halal-assurance for Muslim.

Company structure

Our team

proFagus GmbH has 1 Managing Director, 2 Authorized Signatories und approximately 160 members of staff.

Here you will find your personal contact

Career opportunities

We are a successful, independent company, and in Bodenfelde we have been producing charcoal for the consumer market and natural additives (aromas, acetic acids, grit) for industry and food production for more than 100 years by means of a manufacturing process that is unique in Europe. Our customers are the TOP clients in the food retail trade and in the DIY store sector, as well as renowned clients in the medical, chemical and foods industries.

As an innovative market leader and expanding company in the chemical industry we continiously enlarge our position with our 160 employees.

Unfortunately, all apprenticeship positions for this year are already occupied.

You are highly motivated, work on own initiative, have team spirit, and are a good communicator. If you believe that you are the right person for us, then we look forward to receiving your convincing job profile and speculative application.

proFagus GmbH, Personalabteilung, Uslarer Str. 30, 37194 Bodenfelde

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Electronic payments only (ec card, credit card). We cannot accept cash payment for security reasons.

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