Natural Additives

It‘s our goal to create the best and purest products. That‘s why we use the environmentally friendly retort process. By extracting gas, acids and tar during carbonization, only charcoal with a very high carbon level remains in the retorts. The separated extracts are purified and processed elaborately into high-quality products like Acetic Acids, Taroil, Grit, and proFagus Pure Smoke®.

We call these products our Natural Additives – the best natural substances from beechwood, ready-made for your immediate application!

The charcoaling process in the retort guarantees an exceptionally high carbon content in the charcoal produced, and at the same time, acids and flavours are extracted from the untreated beechwood and further processed on-site.

Foods such as meat and fish can be exquisitely flavoured with the unique proFagus smoke aromas. 90% of the heat energy used for the manufacturing of charcoal and fluids is generated from by-products.

First-class German manufacturing standards mean that there is no waste and all by-products are processed for further use. Unlike with the old kiln and burner method, the charcoal is free of harmful substances, and the safe manufacturing processes used mean that there is no damage to the environment. This is all thanks to the state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures of proFagus.

Smoke Flavourings

proFagus is the only producer in the world that specializes in the processing of purified beechwood smoke condensates – its Pure Smoke® products and its smoke flavours are perfectly matched to the preferences of European customers.

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The high-quality charcoal finds a broad field of application, particularly in industry. A classic use is, for example, as coal for reduction and covering in the melting of metals, such as copper, silicon, zinc, etc.

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Acetic Acids

Acetic acids of highly pure quality can be used in a variety of ways, e.g. as an etchant chemical for the production of chips. For the manufacturing process, the gases that occur during charcoaling are condensed and purified in a multi-stage purifying process, in order to obtain a highly pure acetic acid.

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Beechwood tar by proFagus has been processed for many decades in various products. Thanks to the unique manufacturing process, the composition of our beech tar is unique and consists of more than 200 substances, including guaiacol, syringol and cyclotene.

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