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proFagus Pure Smoke®

Unique taste of beech wood “Made in Germany”

For more than 20 years, proFagus, a well-known manufacturer of high-quality products made of beech wood, has also been producing purified smoke condensates. The key to success: proFagus is the only producer in the world that specializes in the processing of beechwood smoke condensates – its Pure Smoke® products and its smoke flavours are therefore perfectly matched to the preferences of European customers.

Why smokes are not just the same

Although they are still in use and popular in the food industry, conventional smoking techniques – such as sawdust and shavings – are not an option for sustainable and certified large-scale production in the long term. Especially in terms of environment and health benefits as well as cost savings, more effective ways of smoking are developed and required. More and more producers of smoked foods are changing their procedures to work with modern smoking techniques, like CleanSmoke processes and use regenerated smoke instead. The smoked foods are produced with regenerated, purified beech wood smoke, so they do not differ from the traditional smoking procedures. As a member of the CleanSmoke Coalition, proFagus is therefore also committed to innovations in smoking processes and modern smoking technologies that improve smoking and future-proof traditional processes in food processing.

The best of natural wood

Unlike conventional smoke, proFagus creates its Pure Smoke® by a unique manufacturing process. Our retorts enable proFagus to extract the full taste of beech wood smoke directly from the carbonisation process.
The use of certified and natural beech wood, which is obtained from the necessary thinning of sustainably grown regional forests, is an essential feature of all proFagus products. Complex purification processes ensure a high degree of purity in all products: highly-carbonated charcoal for BBQ fans on the one hand, and on the other high-quality products such as our beech wood tars, tar oil und our grit for the industry and our Acetic Acids and of course our proFagus Pure Smoke® for the food industry. By using all material flows, we reduce waste to a minimum and recycle the processed wood by about 99 percent.
However, proFagus does not rest on that, and continues to optimize all processes involved. The newly built on-site evaporation plant uses state-of-the-art technologies to ensure consistently high product quality while multiplying production capacity for exquisite smoke flavours. Despite increasing demand, this ensures the necessary delivery quantities.
Why we called our products proFagus Pure Smoke® is quickly answered: they are characterized by an extremely high degree of purity and are obtained from pure beech wood. That is why they are also called proFagus (“for the beech”) and Pure Smoke (for the “purified smoke”). proFagus Pure Smoke® is the state of the art and a sustainable solution for smoking foods such as meat, fish, cheese and spice blends.

Very special advantages

Thanks to its unique manufacturing process, Pure Smoke® offers many benefits: its low tar content makes it easier to maintain and clean the smokehouse, thus reducing manufacturing costs and cleaning agents. Pure Smoke® products are derived from purified smoke condensates, eliminating harmful and polluting substances such as tars, ashes and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). In addition, proFagus Pure Smoke® is highly concentrated and thus economically viable, it is suitable for various types of application such as atomization in smokehouses – known as the CleanSmoke process -, dipping or direct addition to food.”
Regular checks and compliance with German industry standards ensure a consistently high product quality. In addition, the products are manufactured according to the well-known quality standards as for raw materials for the food industry.

Tailored on request

proFagus’ unique production process allows a wide range of potential Pure Smoke® products to be perfectly tailored to the specific needs of customers. Thanks to many years of experience, the company can guarantee the consistent quality and composition of its products. For us it is important to ensure our customers a first-class taste experience, but also to offer the highest functionality.


Portfolio Highlights

Our wide range of smoke flavouring products offer a variety of flavour profiles as well as different colour intensities. On this page we have created a selection of some of our favourite flavours.

proFagus Pure Smoke® R725

  • Intensive smoke flavour, dominated by a charcoal note
  • Intensive, sooty, slightly burnt touch
  • Recommended dosage: (g per kg roasters): 0.40

proFagus Pure Smoke® R712

  • Distinct taste of hickory smoke, as we know it from BBQ sauces
  • Distinctly savoury taste with a clear umami note
  • Recommended dosage: (g per kg roasters): 0.25

proFagus Pure Smoke® R760

  • Distinct smoke taste, dominated by a charcoal note
  • Agreeable woody taste, reminiscent of beechwood
  • Recommended dosage: (g per kg roasters): 0.50

proFagus Pure Smoke® R718

  • Very intensive smoke taste with distinct woody notes and savoury accents/
  • Dark,slightly burnt charcoal notes are clearly perceptible
  • Recommended dosage: (g per kg roasters): 0.25

proFagus Pure Smoke® R715

  • Well-rounded, discreet taste
  • Stronger accent on the savoury note and the umami taste
  • Recommended dosage: (g per kg roasters): 0.80


The products are manufactured from beechwood.
Individual solutions are possible (phenol content, colouring, acid content, defoamer)

What is CleanSmoke?

CConventional smoking is popular, but has crucial weaknesses that are becoming increasingly important for producers: too large fluctuations in product quality, too many risks in production and, consequently, too high loads for people and the environment, which are sometimes hazardous to health.

A reasonable alternative without these risks is CleanSmoke. With this term we refer to the smoking of primary smoke condensate – produced according to industry standards and thus safe and harmless for the food industry.

CleanSmoke is versatilely applicable: both freshly developed smoke and smoke flavours for the typical smoked taste can be easily produced from the condensate. Decisive advantage: The process forgoes without harmful by-products such as ash, tar or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). At the same time, CleanSmoke has a better environmental and sustainability footstep than traditional smoking. Up to 80 percent of CO2 can be saved in production.

Proud member of the Clean Smoke Coalition
This process was developed by Red Arrow, the world leader in smoking technologies. The Clean Smoke Coalition was created to be a joint forum for smoke condensate manufacturers. proFagus is a proud member of the Clean Smoke Coalition and has developed profagus Pure Smoke®, a product that refines this process, offering exclusively beech-based flavours.

Visit the CleanSmoke Coalition’s website

More information about profagus Pure Smoke® (PDF)

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