Because trade is important…

our sales promotions to build bridges between ourselves and the consumers. proFagus has a pioneer role in the constant development marketing of this product segment:

  • The development of long-term marketing concepts for especially effective marketing
  • Individual point-of-sale promotions

Thanks to our effective quality management, we always offer our customers high class products for trade and industry. Furthermore, our close-knit service network, together with streamlined logistics, guarantees the continual availability of our goods.


Because trade is important…

our products are individually tailor-made for our customer.
proFagus is active in numerous European associations, which leads to constantly high quality levels.

  • Individual solutions for specific demands, data research in accredited test laboratories
  • Applications consulting on site, performance and claims tests, 95% in-house analysis
  • Constant improvement process (KVP) to guarantee quality

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Food retailing

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DIY and garden centers

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Beverage trade


Fuel trade


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